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Getting your fans to pay you directly is a great way to make money on YouTube if you already have a strong loyal following. Fans love to show their appreciation by whipping out their credit cards, and you will have a reliable income stream just by continuing to provide value on your channel. This monetization method is facilitated through YouTube’s Partner Program and there are a lot of creators who are successfully using it to promote their brands and channels. To make the most of this money-making technique, you will have to build out a YouTube promotion strategy that will convince your viewers to become members. Moriahuses live streams to sell her products and wears her merch in promotional content to create hype for her new collection. Alternatively, if you already have a business outside of YouTube, then you can use the channel to drive leads to your products.

Branded merchandise like this is a massive industry, and you can get your share of it by selling your merch to loyal fans of your channel which will gladly spend their money to support their favorite YouTube creator. The key to successfully selling products with a live stream is to develop a strong sense of trust among your followers. The more they trust you, the more likely they are to pull out their credit card to purchase your products. Once you have your product ready to sell, you can use a tool like Gumroad to accept payments during your live streams. To make this even more profitable, you might consider creating your own products and offers that you can sell to your avid viewers.

How Does Youtube Tv Compare To Sling Tv And Other Cable Replacement Services?

Having your video rank in the top ten should be your priority, so find a specific hashtag or a keyword that your content can rank highly on. Hashtags act as keywords or little discovery tags that allow people to find your video instantly. Like any effective hashtag or YouTube SEO process, it begins with video keyword research. Kristen Harris enjoys listening to a wide range of music, from Taylor Swift to, on occasion, Celtic instrumental. Many creators use some form of all caps in their video titles.

  • Make the title descriptive.Give the audience a sneak peek as to what the video will be about.
  • Thankfully, there are a number of YouTubers who have chosen to be transparent about their income and share their stats.
  • This article is my in-depth review of YouTube TV with details on how it works—updated with the latest pricing and additional channels as of January 2021.
  • Then there’s Keemstar who is the face of one of the biggest channels that reports on YouTube gossip, called DramaAlert.
  • That’s a fairly standard number for live TV streaming services — more on how it compares below — but chances are YouTube TV is missing a few channels you’ll want.

After adding a slew of ViacomCBS channels such as MTV and Comedy Central, and raising prices from $50 per month to $65 per month, YouTube tried to explain on Twitter that it wasn’t at fault for the higher costs. While the company said it would love to offer a la carte packages, in which people only pay for what they want, it’s not allowed to do that. “Most networks require that we include their full portfolio of channels to subscribers, which increases the overall price of the service,” YouTube wrote. Unlike cable television and other live television streaming services, YouTube TV packages are straightforward. There is only one subscription package, and it includes 40+ channels, so there aren’t any complicated options. Like other streaming bundles, YouTube TV omits some networks to keep prices down.

What Marketers Need To Know About Youtube Shorts


Usually the answer is overregulation, and we should fight the situation on that level. But in the meantime, let’s think about how to work around it. There must be some way to create “the Uber of banking” without running afoul of money laundering laws. Imagine Facebook says to Twitter, “Don’t worry about cracking down on facilitating gun sales, Facebook. We’ll do the same thing, too–we won’t take your business away on that”. Meanwhile, if they’re colluding against gun owners, regardless of whether I agree with the law as presently constituted, that may constitute anti-competitive behavior.

As you have probably seen for yourself, everyone has a voice in YouTube. Using it as a social learning platform offers you the opportunity to build a strong eLearning community where everyone can comment, contribute, and share their opinions and ideas. Adding YouTube videos to your eLearning course is an easy task, due to the variety of authoring tools and learning management systems out there. You can use YouTube videos to introduce a topic, explain an online activity, motivate your learners, or simply extend the information conveyed by your eLearning course. You can unsubscribe at any time and we’ll never share your details without your permission. The addition of these channels was part of a deal between YouTube parent company Google and ViacomCBS originally struck in May 2020.


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