Use It: Secret Functions GUNSHIP BATTLE For Phones To Make It Better | 2021.


It is possible to tilt your radar at all different angles to aim and destroy enemy vessels either on sea, on the ground below you or even other choppers. You will then be awarded with Gold money that you will use to unlock better choppers. Of course some missiles and choppers come at a cost of real currency using the in-app purchasing feature.

  • It’s really a violent war game that you might not want to pass up.
  • John killed off the Covenant attackers and helped the survivors, including Sergeant Johnson, fend off three more waves of Covenant forces before Echo 419 Foe Hammer finally arrived to pick them up.
  • Be the first to know the next time Blizzard goes down.
  • I feel like after playing this enough I’m going to be capable of going out and commanding our naval forces.
  • A major reason that the Chinese army held onto the city as long as it did, even though it was on the brink of collapse, was that China was hoping for Western intervention in the Sino-Japanese War.
  • Little by little you will be able to raise your own military force and make your men level up to face greater challenges.
  • Become a sailor and guide your forces to win the battle and dominate the ocean.

This game has excellent graphics, sound effects, and resolutions for the screen to have an excellent view of the game. This game is a top-rated game among the 3D simulations gamers. In this game, the players have access to a wide range of primary helicopters, which they can modify or upgrade to their requirements of guns, ammunition, missiles, and much more. By going ahead with missions, you will receive points and money, and you will buy new helicopters and new items with your money.

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You need to pay all your attention for if your concentration level is not that high then you will end up losing the game. You can only win the game if you are controlling it wisely and maintaining the fast pace and speed against your enemies. Touch controls and a device’s accelerometer are used to play this game.

The destruction of the naval base left a negative morale effect on Kilo Squad since they had several friends stationed at the port. Omega-Two, commanded by Sgt. Marcus Fenix, was tasked with taking out a very large Seeder that was located in the airport. The large Seeder was responsible for disrupting communications around Halvo Bay. The situation at the airport left evacuation there impossible. During the battle for Halvo Bay, Seahorse Hills, a notable and rich neighborhood located on the outskirts of the city, was in the process of being evacuated. The COG army was able to setup several checkpoints and ordered all civilians in the neighborhood to have their identification ready.

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The first big new features in the update are the Upgrade+ feature and the Jet Exchange feature. Upgrade+ is pretty much as it sounds and allows you to upgrade your jets beyond level 10. So for example, if you were trading up a tier you could trade a maxed out F-15ST Jet for the RF-M Jet. You can see both Upgrade+ and Jet Exchange in action in the following trailer.

The game doesn’t require you to pay in order to be strong, I’m only level 12 and yet I was able to take on armada that are 3-4 level higher than me, the key is to research and upgrade your ship. If you’re struggle to take on a strong opponent, ask your allies for help if you can. I love the ship to ship combat in this game, but I wish I can do it while I attack armada base too, also, can you guys give us control over vehicles, if not at least let us control the formation. Finally, I want to know if I can add in my own custom art into the game so I can put it on to my aircraft carrier. They let you get to the level relatively easy but after that, disaster. If you want to build some moderate force, without few thousands of dollars don’t even think about it and even then it is not even close to guaranteed that you gonna succeed.

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