Need To Know: Best Secrets Wallpaper Theme App For Phones You Should Try [Part 2].


Download the zip file from below, extract it to get APKs from the link below and install them on your devices. You can either use the stock wallpaper picker on your Android device or use the Google Wallpaper app from Play Store. There are basically 2 live wallpaper APK available for download. One is the Earth live wallpaper and the other is Mars live wallpaper. Install your favorite and set it on your phone’s lock screen or home screen!

These wallpapers are clean latest verson of W-Match and will give your Android device a fresh feel. Below we are sharing the Xiaomi Mi A2 Stock Wallpapers file. The new super wallpapers have various live moving layers of the planets. This includes two layers that shows the space view of the planet for the lock screen and one close up surface view for the home screen. These also have a nice animated transition in between them. However, in our testing, only the third surface view seemed to work.

Floral Tile Blue Metallic Gold Navy Wallpaper

There are different abstract designs with led light in the black background. The best part of this app is its smooth performances and tons of adaptive icons and widgets. The design of different 3D wallpapers is very appreciable, and I do not doubt that you will love it very soon.

If there are not, you can make a short video by yourself with the phone’s camera. The dynamic video wallpapers will make your phone’s home screen or lock screen more attractive and unique than static one. The Wallpaper Carousel has originally been offered in MIUI 10.

Download Google Camera For Redmi Note 10 (pro) Max

In this wallpaper app, you find hundreds of stunning scenic views, visualizations, and what not? Daily Wallpaper is a special and recommended feature of the app as a new picture is presented every day, and it will not disappoint you. I hope you have found at least one of the best themes for Android from this article. If you are interested in any of them, our effort is successful.

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