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After Bo, Masao is the closest friend of Shinchan. He is weak and always cries whenever he gets in danger. He is really good at voice acting and drawing mangas and plans to become an artist in the future but fails in the end. Although he looks weak, when he is fired up he will become unstoppable, in which recklessness might change the ending. He is in love with Ai-Chan but she is not interested in Masao. He and his father both like to see and flirt with pretty young ladies which always get punished by his mother, Misae at the right time.

This movie was not as adventurous as the rest of the Shin-chan movies, but it certainly did its job in showing the audience about Hiroshi and his position as a father. Even though the plot line of his creation was not very impacting, I personally think it made it easier for the story to be focused more on Hiroshi and less on the adventure aspect of the series. He was taken to an Este salon by a mysterious beautiful girl who appeared suddenly, to receive a free trial of beauty treatment as well as a massage.

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The tenth movie ends on a rather bittersweet note. The Nahara family went back in time and saved a nation with the help of a samurai named Matabe; however, someone shoots him and no one knows who did it. Matabe dies, but not before having a heartwarming speech with Shin and gifting him with a small sword. The princess, who fell in love with Matabe is heartbroken and would never love nor marry a man until the end where she is reunited with Matabe in the afterlife. In one episode, Kazama is leaving to go to a new school, so Shin sings a goodbye song for him. The Vitello version can also bring a tear to the eye.

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  • Shin-chan frequently plays the little nudist, taking off his pants and do what he calls his Mr. Elephant dance.

They searched for the origin of the aroma, and found that there was an omelet with truffle and a cluster of parsley on a table. They fought with each other and tried to snatch it. When Toru ran towards the omelet, Masao interfered him. Nene took it by surprise, but Shinnosuke dived out from the hot spring like ninja to attack her. The omelet fly away in the air, and Bo opened his mouth to catch it. My son drew all over the electrical sockets in his room with a crayon.

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